An Understanding of Karma

Lusaka, Zambia, Africa, January 22, 1990 … Scriptures and many people have told us that there is God, that we need God, that without Him there is nothing. But we are so caught up with worldly things it is impossible to allow God into our lives. This worldly environment has so completely controlled our life, we cannot […] […]

The Flower’s True Essence

Television Interview Monrovia, Liberia, Africa. November 22, 1989, Liberian Broadcasting Company Interviewer: Welcome to this special feature. Tonight we have a special guest visiting us here from India. Welcome, sir. Thakar Singh: Thank you very much, my dear, for your warm welcome. Interviewer: What do you like to be called? Thakar Singh: My name is Thakar Singh, you can […] […]