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August 8, 2003 Evening, Lighthouse Center Oregon, USA

We have not understood the basic condition of the body. If you are driving your car and the car is running, you do not say the car has consciousness and can drive itself. That is your understanding, and it is correct. But you do not know that your body is being driven by your consciousness of the soul, just in the same way that you drive your car.

When the soul is working at the third eye center, it extends all its life currents into the body and then the body works according to the will of the soul. When the soul contracts all its life currents from the body and goes down into the navel plexus and is out of connection with our physical body, then the physical body is lying like a dead body. It has eyes but cannot see. It has legs but cannot walk. It has hands but cannot work. All organs are as if dead. Then when we are awakened as soul, again we come as soul over here to the third eye center, and soul begins to use our body. Then the body is conscious; the body is living.

—Sant Thakar Singh

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