Everything You Want or Need Is Within You

July 28, 2002 Morning Talk, Lighthouse Center Oregon

My dears, are you all happy? Human beings are to be happy and to make all other living beings happy. How can we be happy? It is very simple: God is happy and is the source of all happiness. Anything other than him is opposite to him. In the beginning, there was only God. Even the Word God did not exist in the very beginning, but came into existence when God awakened from his own deep peace and ecstasy. He felt like creating something. The Word God, the creative life principle, came out of the dormant, silent, and enjoying God. Then this Word God created everything else: “In the beginning was the Word.”

God himself is all wisdom, light, life, glory, beauty, peace, and ecstasy—everything. He enjoys in his own Self, and enjoys nothing but himself. This is the basic existence of God.

— Sant Thakar Singh

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