Audio, Video, Pictures in the Pipeline

Thanks very much for visiting the Thakar Singh library site!

We’ve got audio, video, and pictures in the pipeline for publishing over the next short time. Plus more talks from Thakar Singh’s first visit to the US and Mexico.

We’ll also cover Africa, Europe, Asia/Pacific, South America, and of course India.

Feel free to drop us a line to let us know how we’re doing. Subscribe to our RSS feed to get a regular dose of content. And feel free to link to us to spread the word and make it convenient for others to find our site.

Please enjoy the first upload from Thakar Singh’s first visit to the US in 1979: The Great Law of Love.

Thanks and till soon,


UPDATE: The first audio is published simultaneously with the talk given by Thakar Singh Where There Is Love, There Is Life.

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