Where There Is Love, There Is Life

Lighthouse Center Oregon, July 29, 2002 Morning

How does God enjoy? He is all love, and he loves everybody. Although some may feel they are his enemies, his love is so strong and so possessive that he does not feel that anyone is his enemy. He feels: “All are mine. Everything is me. There is nothing beyond that. I myself am everywhere.” In this way, he is able to enjoy.

This great lifestyle has been given to us. We are the children of God. We are to grow as God, behave as God, and then enjoy as God. This is called life, and this is the way you can live. Where this loving atmosphere has been awakened, all power is there. You become the controller. There is nothing that is beyond your power or competency. No one can injure you. There can be no problem. Suffering, problems, and disease are in those who have become weak in love.

Again I may make this clear to you—the life of God, which God can create anywhere, is made completely of love. Love is life. One can exist where there is no love, but one cannot live without love. These two terms are different: existence and life. Where there is life, there is oneness, and there is love. Oneness allows us to live with full power, with all competencies. Where love is missing, one can exist but will fight with others. There will be no oneness but only struggles and problems.

—Sant Thakar Singh

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