An Understanding of Karma

Lusaka, Zambia, Africa, January 22, 1990

Scriptures and many people have told us that there is God, that we need God, that without Him there is nothing. But we are so caught up with worldly things it is impossible to allow God into our lives. This worldly environment has so completely controlled our life, we cannot help ourselves by taking even a little time out for GCod. The negative power has so completely trapped us that it is like some kind of compulsion. This is why a person can only help you find the power of God if he is released from the tentacles of the negative power and freed from the clutches of mind and matter. When the God Power reaches your hearts, you will feel closer to God and somewhat released from the effects of the negative power. At that time you will say, “I need God.” Then the Godman will help your soul become connected to God. Then you will enjoy God and attracted to God. Once God catches you He will not leave you. This is part of God’s love for us: “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee till the end of the world.” He is with us forever.

—Sant Thakar Singh

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