Choose the Way of Life

August 4, 2002 Morning, Lighthouse Center Oregon

When we go to God, we are in his lap enjoying all his love, his sympathy, his softness, and his tenderness. We feel like his own Self, not separate from him. There is a continuous flow of elixir, which we are enjoying and in which we are absorbed. It is so tasty that it catches our hearts. Our hearts are totally absorbed in it, and we are totally the same as he is. It is a continuous flow. The supply is continuous because the supplier is always there. There is never any danger of a time in which we could expect to be separated or could be full. The more the love flows into us, the more we will be thirsty. When we want something worldly and it is tasty, we really enjoy the taste; but when we are full, we don’t feel like having more. And then we lose the enjoyment of that taste. But as we receive this food—the bread of Life, the water of Life—we become thirstier and hungrier for it. The supply will increase as our hunger and thirst increase, because the supply is unlimited and given to us according to our desire, according to our need. When God feels that the size of the pipe coming from us has gotten bigger, he increases the flow. The important thing is our receptivity—how much we want. There is no difficulty for the supplier. He will be able to supply as much as we demand. He is only waiting for our demand to increase.

—Sant Thakar Singh

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