The Power of Thought

August 9, 2002 Morning, Lighthouse Center Oregon

My dear souls, as you think, so you become. The life of man is automatic in many ways. Our sense organs bring impressions into us. With our eyes we can see, and what we see comes into us. What we see, we think about. Sometimes things are attractive to us, and we cannot forget them. We memorize them and begin to talk of them. All these impressions of things that we see or come in contact with are being added to us. Further, when we remember, talk about, or think about all those things—whether good or bad, useful or useless—they go on adding to our storehouse, and that is what we become.

If you go on adding something to your pot, what will you find in it? What you have put into it. If you have added something good, after some time you will find it is all good. If you have only added dirt or something negative, maybe deliberately or inadvertently, then that is what you will find. That is why the Master has warned us that we should not criticize anybody. Don’t think of anything bad. If you are thinking of somebody who is bad or you are in the company of somebody who is bad, then you are becoming the same. After some time you will turn out to be as bad or as terrible as the one you have been thinking of or talking about. We are not aware of this basic system. What we are becoming is due to all our incoming thoughts. Those impressions will remain with us and will constitute us.

—Sant Thakar Singh

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