What is Reality?

Television Interview with Rosemary Broccoli San Diego, California, December 1986

Question: Would you describe your teachings? Can you just explain to those in the audience who may have seen a Master from India, but have never really met one personally, can you share with the audience what it is that you want to give to people?

Thakar Singh: These teachings are not connected with any religion, any faith, sect, or thought. They are connected with reality which is from the beginning and will remain eternal. What is reality? It is God, the Kingdom of God and our own Self, which is fitted in this human body. This human body is a house in which we are living as soul, and in which our God with all His Kingdom is living. From our lower outer self, this physical body, we are to come into contact with our higher Self. The reason why we could not come in contact with that higher Self is because we as soul are down in the human body and are only up to the eye level. We are only concerned with the animal kingdom. As animals see the sun, moon, stars, sky, flowers, all this growth, etc., we are also working in the same way.

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