And You will Fly Up to God

August 8, 1977, Rosarito, Mexico, after the evening talk

We are meant to see the inner life and realize it and enjoy it. We are not meant to live blindly believing that the human body is all there is; we must look inside and know there is something else there. We must discover the light there; perhaps the sun, the moon, some stars, some figures, some people who will speak to us and guide us. We must listen to the inner music of the spheres. If we cannot take the word of others, at least we can have confidence in what we see and hear for ourselves. On the first day of initiation we are given an experience. This we should recognize and admit and then go on to develop what we have been given.

This special talk was given by Sant Thakar Singh in the hotel lobby in Rosarito, Mexico, on August 8, 1977 after the evening talk.

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